What happened on the second screen market in January?

2013 has started quickly on the second screen market with the CES and the second screen summit. In December 2012, mediatvcom published a white paper "Decrypting the Second Screen Market" that analyses the segmentation of the second screen application market and describes the challenges to launch such applications. As a follow-up, we will regularly publish articles highlighting the most significant news on the second screen market (market, new applications, new technologies...).


Market wise, the biggest news of the month is that Viggle and Getglue did not merge. The first big consolidation of the second screen market is off for unclear reasons : financial ? Brand independance ?

However, the consolidation of the second screen market is still happening : Dijit Media has acquired the social TV player Miso. DijitMedia is the company that published the second screen TV discovery application called nexTV guide.


On the technology point of view, Netflix and Youtube are competing with Apple Airplay with DIAL (DIscover And Launch) which allows selecting content on the second screen and send it to the first screen. The ambition is huge and success will depend on whether device manufacturers integrate the technology. Samsung, Sony, Hulu and the BBC would be interested.

Akamai has developed a technology to deliver synchronized second screen content to the first screen faster than with audio fingerprinting traditionally used in second screen applications. It consists in a piece of software installed on the TV set / STB that sends real time information to Akamai's servers. If it has to be embedded in the device itself, it will take longer to spread on the market than if it is only included in the application.


Regarding application updates, we have talked about Zeebox and ConnecTV applications in our second screen market white paper.

Zeebox will now deliver a synchronized second screen experience with Gracenote audio fingerprinting technology and database. Becoming more and more famous, Zeebox had to integrate this feature to stay relevant on the market.

ConnecTV has added synchronized advertisements. Using the existing content recognition technology, the app will display targeted advertisements when the ad airs (Ad Sync) or when a keyword is heard on live TV (TV word). For example, hearing "Skyfall" would trigger automatic display of the Skyfall trailer.


In January, new applications were released.

In France, TF1 and France 5 have followed M6 and launched second screen features allowing, among other features, users to select extracts of the shows and publish them on social networks.

In the UK, BBC launched the antique roadshow app allowing answering trivia polls and get ranked from novice to expert. BBC Worlwide launched a web app around Top Gear on the 4th of February where users can play a fun game related to the show.

In the US, CBS has followed Showtime and launched CBS connect app in early January where users can benefit from an exclusive experience for some chosen popular TV shows including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Hawaii Five-O” and “NCIS: Los Angeles”. To make these experiences as attractive as possible for users, the content will be produced by the show’s team itself.

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