« Decrypting the Second Screen Market», mediatvcom new white paper

87% of tablet and smartphone owners said they used a second screen device while simultaneously watching TV at least once a month. Digital multitasking while watching TV has become common usage and content providers, telco / pay TV operators and pure players are seizing this opportunity to develop second screen applications.

“Decrypting the second screen application market”, a white paper published by mediatvcom analyses the segmentation of the second screen application market and describes the challenges to launch such applications. For each segment, the white paper demonstrates the application key success factors and points out the business interest for publishers. To achieve this goal, mediatvcom has reviewed more than 50 second screen applications on tablets, worldwide. The white paper also provides insights on these applications through carefully selected examples.

Two major types of applications have stood out

  •  Social TV and TV discovery applications are the most developed on the market today, mainly in the US with some initiatives in Europe. They share many features but serve different purposes. Social TV applications (published by new players) aim at creating an attractive social TV network, using TV content as a driver to join their network. TV discovery applications enable pay TV / Telco operators to increase their sales by making users consume more content on their platform through effortless TV discovery (recommendation, smooth browsing, user-friendly interface…).
  •  TV shows and movie applications, published by content owners, TV channels and networks. These applications enhance and extend the show experience with informational or entertainment interactive content related to the show, channel or movie the consumer is watching. This market is emerging with only a few attempts until now, mainly in the US. These applications allow TV channels and TV networks to recapture their audience and increase user engagement to the main content and brand.

Within these applications, the future of social TV applications is the most uncertain. The market is entering a consolidation phase where content distributors (TV networks, existing social networks…) may see an opportunity in acquiring these new social TV networks to extend their ad space. Regarding the applications themselves, they should evolve by integrating more exclusive second screen content to keep being attractive on the market.


To download the white paper, please click here.

Keywords : Tablet, second screen, companion screen, multiscreen, iOS, Android, OTT, interactive television, social TV, TV discovery, applications, France, USA

Image : http://blogs.ubc.ca/maxberggren/2012/10/15/the-tablets-effect-on-watching-tv/

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